Concept2 vs WaterRower

You’ll have begun to see in my prior articles that I feel that the rowing machine would be the greatest item of gear for home workouts. If you could just have one piece of gear, for me personally it needs to be the rowing machine! Bearing this in mind, I wanted to discuss my ideas about the two chief versions of rowing machine, also given their entirely different mechanics we will need to place them up against each other — its time to perform Concept2 vs WaterRower!

The very first thing to mention when comparing both of these machines is they are undoubtedly the best available on the market. OK, so you are looking at about $1000, but that is all of the gym equipment you’re going to want. Both exceptionally well constructed and execute incredibly well. For people in a hurry, I’ve compiled fast comparison chart of the chief capabilities.

In other words, that the Concept2 is the golden standard of rowing machine for rowing clubs and competitive rowers. All official scores are complete on a Concept2, which is going to continue to keep the machine since the core of the rowing world for a long time to come, and therefore is regarded by the pros as the very best rowing machine accessible. The Concept2 has a slick design and given it’s constructed for rowing clubs that are churning out the miles day after day, it’s exceedingly durable and dependable. As a home user, you won’t be able to use out this for a long time!

Measuring 54″ by 24″, it is readily integrated into any living room and when distance is a significant concern, it sports a quick-release framework lock mechanism which makes it simple to disassemble and save out of the way, very best done thus upright in a cabinet or at corner. Offered in light gray or dark, the aesthetics of the machine make it rather fashionable and for all those who have an at-home fitness center, it’s a fantastic addition.

The Concept2 is a buff rower, which will make a little noise in your home, so in the event that you’re planning to utilize in a space around others — they may not be overly happy if they’re watching television! The fantastic thing is that newer versions significantly decrease the sound.

Among the most significant things about Concept2 machines would be your screen and the degree of advice you may get out of it this is one of the crucial requirements when appraising the best rowing machine. You may monitor by rate, calories or volt. Personally, I just use rate, as my intentions accommodated accordingly, but it’s good in any respect. Employing a licensed heartbeat strap also means that you may get your HR up on the monitor. Personally, I adhere to a normal heartbeat monitor (see my article concerning HR Monitors here). Now you can download your stats via USB if you’re feeling extra excited.

Comfort-wise, this indoor rowing machine carries freedom concerns very seriously. The footrests are flexible, the grip is quite ergonomic and also the caster wheels means that it is easily repositioned. With a seat height of 20″, little effort is necessary to get off and on, which is great for people who suffer with knee ailments. Additionally, the chair is a little tipped forward making it a much better choice for anyone who have lower back difficulties. There are also two choices that exist when you’re determined on a Concept2 — the Model D or even the Model E, I also have reviewed in detail.


WaterRower is made from natural ash timber, which is amazing if you prefer the classic looking fashion and pale brown and black colour.

On the flip side, Concept2 is constructed from a solid metal frame and a nickel plated string, grey or black-colored, and the layout is much more contemporary.

WaterRower vs Concept2 — it highly depends on what you would like but we think classic design is better for the residence, whilst Concept2 suits much better as a fitness center choice.

Concept2 has three high quality models — Concept2 Model D, Concept2 Model E, and Concept2 Dynamic Rower.

WaterRower also has three exceptional ones — WaterRower Natural Rowing, WaterRower GX Home Rowing, and WaterRower Club Rowing. So it is a tie!

Performance Monitor

It’s a whole lot easier to monitor your progress if your computer does all rather than you. The two Concept2 and WaterRower are excellent in regards to this parameter, and the option is dependent upon your unique needs.

However, Concept2 has just one big plus — it is possible to monitor your pulse!

PM5 track, which is part of Concept2, is excellent to follow session and workout advancement. It reveals your heart rate because of compatibility with ATN and Bluetooth. It takes Wireless connectivity as well as the coaches can export the outcomes of the training session.

S4 monitor, part of WaterRower, provides workout and saved apps, USB and Wireless link for additional applications and programs such as We-Row, Row Yo, NetAthlon, UltraCoach…

The track shows time elapsed, a timer counter, space rowed, intensity/speedstroke and stroke speed all of the time. Alas, the screen isn’t backlit and there’s absolutely no heartbeat monitor.
Noise Amount

Water resistance rowing machines create less sound, therefore it’s definitively WaterRower for this particular parameter. Air resistance rowing machines aren’t noisy also.

Price/Quality Ratio

Both manufacturers provide high quality but WaterRower models typically cost more money. Again, someone may dislike certain capabilities. Concept2 vs WaterRower – Concept2 is your winner! You can check our homepage for a good price on Concept 2 rower for sale – we track over 20 most popular online shops including Amazon.

But if you’re all set to invest more cash to get a more luxurious appearance, contemporary layout or less sound, WaterRower may also be convenient. Concept2 Model E can also be pricey.

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